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Cambridge English for Engineering

By Gordon Gaffney

September 28, 2021

Cambridge English for Engineering

Cambridge English for Engineering

Cambridge English for Engineering

This is an excellent book to learn English for engineering and I have used it in class with electrical engineering students. The biggest advantage is that it is extremely specialised book as it only teaches English for engineering.

If you are an engineer and have very good English then you might need a book such as this to take your business or technical English to the next level.

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A general business English book might not help you as much as this as there may be units on marketing, advertising, customer service etc that are not important to you.

The best advice is to look at the table of contents and decide if it is suitable for you or not.

I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of English in it. It was quite technical for me as a native speaker and there were lots of technical English engineering terms I didn't know even though I studied physics and applied maths in school and computer science in university.

Cambridge have been producing quality teaching material for English for many years and the book is organised very well as you would expect.

Each unit deals with a specific topic of English for engineering and is structured in the same way I was shown to teach a class during my CELTA teacher training.

That means:

- First, there are warm up exercises and the teacher introduces the topic. This is designed and written as if it were for a class of students but it is fine for particular classes with only 1 student as well.

- Next, usually the student will speak about the topic of the unit in general to warm up.

- Then there will be some exercises to complete. This might be listening exercises from the audio CD which comes with the book where you fill in the gaps. The speakers have different accents which is useful and is similar to the Market Leader Business English books ,which are great for general business English too.

- Then there are more exercises familiar to everyone such as matching sentence pairs to reinforce new vocabulary and verbs.

- Then, perhaps some role plays which can be done with a teacher in a particular class to practice using the vocabulary and verbs for English in engineering you have just learned.

- There will be some reading sections which are very well selected and well designed. I like that they bold important words in the text, which you will use in exercises.

Cambridge English for Engineering

Cambridge English for Engineering Indice 1

Cambridge English for Engineering

Cambridge English for Engineering Indice 2

I think the reading topics are very interesting and would be suitable for even a general English class for advanced students, so they really are excellent choices for an engineering class.

Each text will contain highly specific vocabulary and verbs used for the topic of the unit and I believe it is one of the biggest advantages of buying a specialist book to learn English for engineering.

Good English for Engineering Units

There are 10 units and a total of 112 pages and the range of topics covered in the units is impressive, for example:

Unit 1 = general engineers, structural engineers, construction engineering
Unit 2 = materials engineers, ecological engineers, chemical engineers
Unit 3 = manufacturing engineering, electrical engineers, etc

English is the standard in engineering and with many native English speakers working alongside Portuguese speakers this book will help you learn essential words and vocabulary. The exercises will fix them in your mind to make you feel more comfortable using them naturally and confidently in the workplace.

There are not many grammar exercises as it is assumed you have a high level of English already. There are plenty of other books out there for that, for example you can read my reviews on English grammar books here. 

You can also discover here 5 essential resources you might not know about to help you in your journey and read in here my reviews on the "Market Leader" books.

It is a better option than general Business English books as you are not learning about finance, marketing or other areas that are not as important to you. This is all about learning vocabulary, verbs, expressions, and technical English for engineering.

Because this is such a well designed, well-structured book for the niche market, of English for engineering the book can be hard to find and some may find it is expensive for its 112 pages.

But is a superb investment for any engineer that wants or needs to bring their English to the next level or to help them advance in their career.

Cambridge English for Engineering

  • Brilliant variety of topics and vocabulary for English for Engineering
  • Good layout
  • Audio CD for exercises
  • Not a very long book, only 112 pages
  • Difficult to find in regular bookshops

It is a well-structured book for the niche market of English for Engineering. However, the book can be hard to find and some may find it expensive for its 112 pages, but it is an excellent investment for any engineer who wants or needs to bring their English to the next level or to help them advance their career.

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