Video Course on Udemy: Eliminate the Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make in English

Ready for a change?

  • Do you want error-free English?
  • Do you need a higher grade in IELTS, TOEFL or any other English test?
  • Worried about the English mistakes you might make in reports, emails, phone calls or conferences at work?
  • Do you have difficulty finding material that will take your English to the next level?
  • Are you ashamed of your English pronunciation?
  • Are you frustrated because you don't know when to use the Present Perfect?
  • Do you dream of moving abroad and improving your English? 
  • Do you have difficulty with prepositions in English? 

I know how difficult it can be!

I have been teaching English as a second language since 2013 and most of that time was in Brazil. I love teaching and my focus is on helping Portuguese speakers speak more like a native, by producing error-free English.

I know what it's like to make common mistakes. Nobody corrected me when I said "Não problema!" in Brazil or when I said that I gave "aulas privadas"  instead of "aulas particulares" !

I find these differences in these languages fascinating and when you watch my videos I hope you feel that way too.

Problems learning English and with other material 


  • Almost all material, including books, video lessons, etc., is for students learning the language around the world.
  • This material does not consider the student's native language.
  • Common mistakes stop you from becoming fluent.
  • Books for learning English can be very expensive.
  • Books can be 'boring' to learn English..
  • Videos on Facebook or Youtube often have English teacher with good intentions, but they are sloppy and the sound quality can be terrible. Sometimes they don't show any English written on the screen.
  • Probably the biggest mistake you are making is that you do not realise that you are making mistakes!
  • If your English teacher is a native Portuguese speaker, they might not even know the mistakes!
  • Learning lists of rules is the least efficient way to learn grammar, prepositions, and the perfect present tense.
  • You spend hours looking for good material or the answer to your question and you still may not even find the answer.

If you didn't watch the video at the top of this page, here it is again.

Watch this video and ask yourself the following questions.

Do I make these mistakes?

If I'm talking too slowly or too quickly for you in this video, I recommend that you adjust the speed.

The Brazilian subtitles were translated by a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil.

Subtitles for Portugal are automatically generated.

Keep reading! There are more great free videos below!

Eliminate the Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make in English 

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Solutions and Advantages

  • A system that considers the student's native language
  • Material created from more than 3,500 hours of English classes with Portuguese speakers
  • Learn from a native English teacher that understands Portuguese.
  • Tests and exercises fully responsive on mobile or tablet
  • Key strategies instead of lists of rules to help you with grammar, prepositions and the Present Perfect. 

  • High quality videos present the information in an interesting and visual way to make learning fun and efficient.

Origins of this video course

I published my popular eBook "Eliminate the 63 most common mistakes Portuguese Speakers make in English" in 2016. As video courses become more popular I decided to convert the eBook to video lessons, but I also reviewed all notes from more than 3500 hours of teaching Portuguese speakers.

From this review I then added approximately 40% more content, so now instead of 63 common mistakes it contains ALL the most important common mistakes Portuguese Speakers make in English.

The eBook is still available and you can read more about it here, however because of this extra 40% content I strongly recommend this video course instead. But hey, some people still prefer the original!

Check out 3 more free videos here! 

The Brazilian subtitles are translated by a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil

The Portuguese subtitles are generated automatically.  

If I speak too quickly, or too slowly, for you then you can adjust the speed

Examples of Fully Mobile Responsive Exercises

You can find the quizzes and exercises here. Watch the 4 videos above and answer the following questions: 


Answer the following questions, you can click on the question to show you the answer and some common mistakes. 

1/6. He read the book ___ [durante] 3 days.

He read the book for 3 days.

He read the book during 3 days

2/6. I need to go to ___ [outro] bank.

I need to go to another bank.

I need to go to other bank.

I need to go to others bank.

3/6. They will work ___ [até] 5pm.

They will work until 5pm.

They will work up to 5pm.

They will work as far as 5pm.

They will work by 5pm

4/6. Do you have ___ [outro] desserts?

Do you have other desserts?

Do you have another desserts?

Do you have others desserts?

5/6. His phone rang ___ [durante] the workout.

His phone rang during the workout.

His phone rang for the workout.

6/6. You can change your order ___ [até] 3 times.

You can change your order up to 3 times.

You can change your order until 3 times.

You can change your order as far as 3 times.

You can change your order by 3 times.

This is what you receive when you sign-up. 

Instant access to more than 4 hours of high-quality video, online exercises designed to help you achieve error-free fluency in English. 

High-Quality Videos 

A huge amount of time and effort was put into creating these video lessons. 

The challenge was to make these videos as visually interesting as possible so that you enjoy learning English and that you want to watch more.  

I explain the topics slowly and clearly, and I use fun clipart to help fix the points in your mind

No more boring "talking heads" videos.

No more terrible audio where you barely hear the teacher.

No more boring screens where nothing happens visually.

More than 4 hours of video!

I have worked hard to make this course as complete as possible. I've corrected thousands of pages of my students' notes, taken from over 3500 hours of English classes with Brazilians.

Through these notes I realised which important errors appeared the most often and should be included. This means you have more than 4 hours of high quality content in the course.

No filler content like on YouTube

 So no more:

"Hey whassap YouTube, it's your boy Gordon here, the Irish English teacher, with another great lesson on this simple, but don't forget to hit that subscribe button and like my videos, I've got some great content coming soon and also check out all my other videos..."

You know what it's like...

YouTubers need long videos to profit from ads, which means a lot of it is filler content. In fact, the longer the video the better it is for them as they can insert more ads, but it's a terrible waste of time for the student.

A 3-minute video on my course can easily equate to 15 minutes or more on YouTube, which saves you time and stops you feeling frustrated with filler content. 

There is an expression in English "Sorry for the long letter I didn't have time to write a short one".


Sometimes it takes longer to make something short instead of something long!

Transcriptions and subtitles translated by a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil. 

Downloadable transcripts of the videos so you can read them whenever you want on your electronic device or print them out! 

All the material you need in one place 

Maybe you know some of my tips already.  Maybe you got 1 tip from 1 YouTube channel, another great tip from another channel, and a third tip from Facebook. 

You waste a lot of time finding them as the material you need is spread all over the Internet.

Finally all the information, material and tips you will ever need to eliminate your mistakes and achieve proficiency and error-free fluency in English are in one place. No more time is wasted.


The course contains 7 modules with more than 70 lessons and more than 4 hours of video! 


Module 1: Common Mistakes 1

13 lessons, 34 minutes 54 seconds. Introduction and 12 of the most common mistakes Portuguese speakers make in English. All of these are very common in everyday speaking and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. There are no complicated grammar lessons, but you will learn a lot and be prepared for the more intense lessons later on!


Module 2: Common Mistakes 2

10 lessons, 28 minutes 59 seconds. The second part of the most common mistakes that Portuguese speakers make in English. 


Module 3: Present Perfect

11 lessons, 42 minutes 16 seconds. The complete guide to understanding the Present Perfect, showing you how and why native English speakers use this verb tense a lot, as well as three key strategies to remember to help you eliminate ALL your mistakes.

Finally, you will be able to master the most difficult tense for students learning English as a second language.


Module 4: Prepositions

6 lessons, 22 minutes 0 seconds.  Lists of rules are TERRIBLE for prepositions. Instead, I show you several KEY STRATEGIES to help you. Generally, a key idea for each preposition helps you in most situations.


Module 5: Grammar

12 lessons, 51 minutes 11 seconds. Not all grammar! But instead, all the grammatical points that Portuguese speakers have problems with. Students are often very surprised to learn all these common grammatical mistakes they make.


Module 6: Problems with verbs, including 'Double Verbs'

13 lessons, 44 minutes 49 seconds. The most common verbs that cause problems for Portuguese speakers, including what I call 'Double Verbs', where there is a verb in Portuguese, for example, Fazer, but 2 (or sometimes more) in English, for example, To Make and To Do.


Module 7: Pronunciation, British English / American English

6 lessons, 15 minutes  48 seconds. Most students want to improve their pronunciation, but the good news is that about 95% of students have great pronunciation, so you don't have to worry!

However, there are some key areas that cause almost all Portuguese speaking students problems, so I've included them all.

I am often asked about the differences between British and American English, which is why I have included them here, students generally find this interesting.


But that's not all! Look at what else you receive. 

Everyone that registers for the course will receive these great bonuses. 

BOnus 1

Exercises Fully Responsive on Mobile/Tablet

With my video course "ELIMINATE THE MISTAKES PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS MAKE IN ENGLISH"  you don't need to be on a desktop or laptop, and you don't need to carry a heavy textbook everywhere.  

You can use your phone or tablet to watch a video and then do the fully mobile responsive exercises using a touchscreen wherever you like! You don't even need a pen and paper!!

I've created a lot of exercises to help you practice what you'll learn from the videos.

Take a look at the them here!

BOnus 2
Transcriptions available to download on PDF 

Transcriptions available in both English and Portuguese, translated by a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil.

You can read the transcript on PDF.

About the course instructor
Gordon Gaffney

"The Irish English Teacher", the person behind and websites, and creator of video course ELIMINATE THE MISTAKES PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS MAKE IN ENGLISH. He is a native English teacher from Ireland and holds the CELTA teaching English certificate.  He has given more than 3,500 hours of English classes to Portuguese speakers.

He lived in  Belo Horizonte, Brazil, for 3.5 years and understands the difficulty of learning a foreign language. 

aulas de inglês particular

Great value for money!

Private English classes in an English language school in Ireland can be around €25 or up to €30 or more per hour.

When I left Brazil in 2017, R$85/€21 an hour was common for a private teacher at a school and in São Paulo you could end up paying R$100/€25 an hour or even more!

I believe that now in December 2021 R$100/€16.20 is common for a 1 hour class, and perhaps in the larger cities it might be even more.

How much can you learn in an hour of class? Definitely less than in 60 minutes of my videos.

It would probably take me about 10, 12 or even more hours to explain all of my course material to you in person ONCE in class. 

This means you need to spend €250-€300 to access my course information ONCE. 

To fix all this information in your mind, I need to teach it 3, 4, 5 times or more, if you think about it, it could cost you at least €1000/US$1100 in private lessons

If you go to a language school abroad, it is possible that the native teacher does not speak Portuguese and therefore does not understand the structures of your language.

You could end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on lessons and still not learn everything in my videos.

For just €29.99/69.99R$ you get lifetime access to all of my 4 hours of videos, giving you all the information you would need to eliminate your mistakes and achieve fluency and proficiency in English. And you can watch them as many times as you like!

Where else can you get a native English teacher to teach you for just 17.50R$ an hour??


  • 4 hours and over 70 videos made by a native English teacher especially for people who speak Portuguese, and with no filler content like on YouTube. Take a look at the video titles here, if you don't understand why they are problems for Portuguese speakers, you probably need my course!
  •  The definitive guide to the Present Perfect which has been developed and refined since 2013. Finally you will understand how and when to use this most difficult of verb tenses quickly and easily. 
  • Pronunciation tips. The good news is that in general Brazilians have very few problems with English pronunciation, but almost all students are worried about it.  I show you the most common pronunciation mistakes made by Portuguese speakers along with audio files to help you fix them. 
  • Key strategies to help you with prepositions and other grammatical rules. 
  • Uncountable nouns: a list of the most important ones that end up causing mistakes 
  • Conditionals - the most complicated of all phrasal structures, but the good news is that it is very similar to Portuguese,  so it is different from Present Perfect! 
  • Many other grammar rules other that can cause problems for Portuguese speakers such as gerunds, negatives, etc
  • Downloadable transcriptions of all videos so that you can read whenever you like. 
  • Transcriptions and subtitles translated by a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil. 
  • Lots of touch responsive exercises that you can do on your phone or tablet to help you practice and fix the content in your mind.
  • Lifetime access to the course, plus any updates for FREE! 
  • 13 examples with in-depth explanations about 'double verbs', verbs in Portuguese that have 2 or more verbs in English. For example, fazer = to do and to make

More than 4 hours of high-quality video for only €29.99/69.99R$! 


  • Lifetime access
  • Available immediately
  • Access all modules

If you don't like ELIMINATE THE MISTAKES PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS MAKE IN ENGLISH for any reason, if you feel that your investment was not worth it or even if you just want your money back for no reason, we've got you covered. Buy today and you can simply request a refund at any time within the next 30 days. Udemy will refund you, no questions asked


  • I don't teach basic English. I assume you have a level close to pre-intermediate/B1. You can use past simple, present simple, present continuous and future. I don't teach the verb "to be" or how to talk about your family, hobbies, etc. You should already know how to do this. If you can't do that, my course is probably not for you. Yet!
  • I don't teach ALL English grammar. Portuguese and English have several rules in common, so I don't need to teach you ALL English grammar. You probably already know and use a lot of it correctly, fluently and without mistakes. The Portuguese language and therefore Portuguese speakers often have problems with some specific areas of English grammar, so that is what I teach in this course. If you want a source for ALL English grammar, look for a specialist grammar book, you can read more about them here.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Do you teach grammar on this course? 

Do you teach British or American English? 

Are the videos only in English? 

Are there subtitles?

Will there ever be a Portuguese version?

Can I download the audio transcript?

Can I download the videos?

"eliminate the mistakes portuguese speakers make in english"

More than 4 hours of high quality video.


  • Lifetime access
  • Instant access
  • Use on all devices 

Final Thoughts

I believe I have created the most visual method to explain these very important parts of the English language.

Yes, the course works! But often we need to practice even more, as we have to 'unlearn' the mistakes we have become accustomed to and fix the correct form in our mind.

That's why you need to keep watching the videos and doing the exercises. Dedicate yourself to it and error-free English will come naturally to you!

Good luck with your English studies!

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