The best option for Portuguese speakers to improve their English as quickly as possible. You can read a sample of the book here, or we also have our free eBook here which is the perfect companion piece. 

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Bonus material of less frequent and less important errors Portuguese speakers make in English. 

Taken from hundreds of hours of classes with stduents I ahve put toegtehr this free Ebook.  It is the perfect companion to the main book above.

There are 6 very short gramamr points but this book is mostly very quick tips of mistakes that you are probably already making.

Lots of false cognates or direct transaltions ofmr Portuguese that don't work in english.  For example dimensionar = to dimension = to measure

I ahve also added in more audio files for pronunciationa dn there are .

This great eBook is FREE, just download it here!


My well-worn copy of Practical Grammar by John Hughes and Ceri Jones.

This was recommended to me by the International House where I did the CELTA course to become a certified teacher of English as a Foreign Langauge.

It has a similar 

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English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy

More iwdely available and well-known than Practical grammar this is also a fine book that I ahve used a lot as mroe of my stduents have it, though it does have its flaw.

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Business English

Market Leader are probably the best resources out there for Business English.

Though they are expensive.

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