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In my book Eliminate the 63 Most Common Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make in English I have a couple of units showing the most important pronunciation issues for Portuguese speakers.  You read a sample of this book here and the example audio files are below:

Unit 48 pronunciation of ordinal numbers in English [first, second, third, etc] for dates.


Unit 62 correct pronunciation of office and practice


Unit 63 pronunciation of -ed endings


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The eBook contains a short section on common pronunciation errors by Portuguese speakers.  Most Brazilians have good pronunciation and in general there isn’t a problem but people do get worried about it.  The examples I have in my free eBook come from my notes in classes so they are genuine examples of errors that people that speak Portuguese make.  If you are striving for proficiency or are concerned about your pronuniction then these examples are worth practising, however the most important ones are the 3 units above.

So here are some audio files to help you:






that dark street is danger


that dark street is dangerous






telephone signal


debt pronounced incorrectly


debt pronounced correctly


doubt pronounced incorrectly


doubt pronounced correctly


plumbing pronounced incorrectly


plumbing pronounced correctly


muscle pronounced incorrectly


muscle pronounced correctly


civil engineer course


civil engineering course

geraldo - June 27, 2018

Audio not working

    Gordon - July 11, 2018

    Hi Geraldo.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Everything is fine when I try it on Google Chrome and Firefox, you need to click on the left side of each audio to play them. Unfortunately, this button isn’t visible, it is just to the left of the “00:00” timer.



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