Welcome to our New Look

Welcome to the new look The Irish English Teacher!

Throughout 2018 I will be adding valuable content to the revamped site. Some of this information will be for all students of English as a foreign language but it will mainly be for Portuguese speakers. I will also put up some interesting posts on Ireland, learning English in Ireland, Irish slang, how Irish people really speak and cool places to visit in my hometown of Sligo in the north-west of Ireland.

Sligo city centre in Ireland

Garavogue river in Sligo town centre

English Classes

I have taught over 2500 hours of English classes to Portuguese speakers. You can read more about my classes and methodology here.  In general, my students want to focus on conversation, which means they do most of the talking while I listen and make notes on my laptop.  These notes usually contain errors, pronunciation issues, and grammar points. I also write down some suitable vocabulary, expressions or phrasal verbs that are appropriate for that specific conversation, because if I use these English words naturally once then I will probably use them again so they are a good idea for the student to learn.

The content on this site will be great for you because:

  • It comes from thousands of pages of notes from classes with Portuguese speakers which is a phenomenal resource.
  • These notes are far more valuable than general English notes you find on other websites that do not consider the native language of the student.  I have painstakingly reviewed these notes and am grouping this information into lessons and guides which I will post here.
  • I am a native speaker so you can be sure that this is how natives actually speak, you can listen to my English pronunciation of some words the people that speak Portuguese have problems with here. Or at least native Irish people! Also, you might have noticed that some non-native English teachers don’t have very good English and unfortunately many of them make the mistakes that I want to eliminate and then pass these mistakes on to their students.  They don’t even know they are making the mistakes!

I believe the most important resource for Portuguese Speakers learning English is my Kindle book Eliminate the 63 Most Common Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make in English which was published in 2016 and is available to buy now on Amazon.  You can read a sample of the book here. It contains all the major mistakes you need to eliminate and the major grammar points that can cause problems, but all students should have a grammar book for reference, I discuss two good English grammar books here.

You can read my first post on errors that people that speak Portuguese make here, it has some great tips and information on tricky verbs.

Free Learn English eBook Download

However, from reviewing my thousands of pages of notes from my classes I have noticed other areas specifically for Portuguese Speakers that are worth studying. These mistakes are not as critical as those in my book but certainly, you should try to eliminate them.  That is why I have written an eBook of bonus material which is available here as a free download, you can see it on the right-hand side on a computer or perhaps at the bottom of the page on a phone or tablet.

All you need to do is confirm your email address and we will send you the link to download the eBook as a PDF or as EPUD or MOBI which you can read on your tablet, eReader or Kindle. When you sign up for the free eBook we will let you know when our blog posts/lessons are posted so you never miss out. Remember these are all quality lessons and guides and not spammy filler material so you will always be receiving great content.

For those of you who already own Eliminate the 63 Most Common Mistakes Portuguese Speakers Make in English, the eBook is the perfect companion piece.If you haven’t bought my book then the eBook is an ideal introduction to it.  I’m sure if you check it out you will be familiar with a lot of content and maybe you are making the mistakes yourself and you don’t realise it!

There are lots of good websites and online tools to help you learn English too, I talk about 5 that you might not have heard of here. 

Phrasal Verbs

From reading through all my class notes I have also identified lots of important Business English and Phrasal Verbs.

I think the problem with phrasal verbs is that there are so many of them.  You don’t know which ones are important and which ones are not.  All phrasal verbs on this site are phrasal verbs I have used naturally in conversation with a student and then written down in my notes.  This means they are used naturally by natives and are worth remembering.

Business English

Likewise, Business English has a lot of formal terms that thankfully are similar to Portuguese.  The key thing to remember is if a Portuguese word sounds like an English word, then, usually, that English word will be formal and will often be used in business English.

For example, cancelar is to cancel.  In business, you cancel an order, or you cancel a meeting, but natives informally will use the phrasal verb to call off,  so they say the football game was called off.

Another example is principal = principal

In Business English you might say the principal issue, the principal objective 

However, principal is a bit formal for everyday speaking, a native will say main.

So the principal road = the main road

principal room = main room

This fact makes some Business English easy for Portuguese speakers, but there are also lots of expressions, vocabulary and phrasal verbs used specifically in Business English too which I will post here.  I have also noticed areas of Business English that don’t seem to be covered in regular classes so I will cover them here.  These include money/finance, legal terms, company/corporate structure and more.

Real World Examples

Jose Mourinho's errors in English

Jose Mourinho directly translating Portuguese into English

I will also post general tips for learning English along with real-world examples of errors Portuguese speakers make.  Many of these errors are made by that famous Portuguese football manager/coach, Jose Mourinho!


Ireland is a popular destination for people learning English.  A huge advantage for Ireland for Brazilians is that if you receive a student visa to study English it also allows you to work, subject to terms and conditions.  Naturally, the capital city, Dublin, is the most popular destination but in recent years there has been a housing crisis and it is now incredibly expensive to find somewhere to live.  As a result of this many Brazilians are looking outside Dublin, so  I will post some information here on my hometown, Sligo.  It has options to study and is cheaper and you will have more opportunity to practice English as there are fewer Brazilians here.

I will also post information on Ireland and add Irish slang and expressions as Ireland is a very popular destination for learning English.

So bookmark this page and sign up for my eBook. You will see there is a need for a native English teacher like myself to show that Portuguese speakers naturally make errors, large and small, when speaking and hopefully if you study my books and the information on here you will eliminate them and speak fluently like a native!

Sounds good?

Tell me what you think in a comment below and also please share with other Portuguese speakers learning English!

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